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System Requirements
Part 1 - These items can be detected automatically.Scan My System
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or higher
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Microsoft® XML Core Services 3.0 or higher
JavaScript Enabled
Cookies Enabled
Adobe® Flash® Player 7 or higher
Adobe® Reader® version 4.0 or higher
Windows Media Player 8
Pop-up blockers Disabled
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
Part 2 - You need to test for these items yourself.
RequirementHow you can test
Sound must be enabledClick here to test your sound. If sound is enabled, you will hear a chime.
256 MB of RAM or moreLocate the My Computer icon on your desktop. Right-click and select Properties.
400 MHz processor or fasterLocate the My Computer icon on your desktop. Right-click and select Properties.
56Kb/sec or faster connection to the internetMost internet connections are adequate for our e-learning products, though we recommend a high-speed broadband connection.
Part 3 - Important information about labs.
Labs integrated with e-learning courses have specific requirements that can be found on their Product Description tab.

Labs require a connection through Ports 5800-5821 and 5900-5921. Check with your network administrator to see if these ports are available, or if you are accessing from home, read about opening ports in Windows XP here.

When you launch the lab, the lab system will step you through any configuration changes you need to make. If the ports cannot be opened on your system, we can provide tunneling software for you to install which enables labs to utilize port 80, a standard port for web traffic that is open on most networks.
Test PassedRequired item detected. No further action is necessary.
Test FailedRequired item was not detected. Follow the directions provided to correct the issue.
Test FailedRequired for some products. Check the system requirements for the product of interest.