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Downloading and Installing the E-Learning Offline Player

The E-Learning Offline Player provides the ability for you to download self-paced courses and to take them offline. This feature allows you to take your training anywhere, anytime, without having to access the Internet.

Before you can begin downloading content, you must first download and install the E-Learning Offline Player onto your local computer. The system will check to see if the player is already installed; if not, you will be prompted to install the E-Learning Offline Player using this page. Please note that you can't access the E-Learning Offline Player on your computer until you download a course.

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements for E-Learning Offline Player.
Please read ALL of the instructions below before you download the player.
  • Before you download the E-Learning Offline Player, read the system requirements below to make sure your machine can run the player.
  • Click Download Now below when you are ready to install the player.
  • Save the setup file and run the file to install the player or install the player directly from the server by selecting Open. Note: Please do not rename the file. This filename is specifically used to determine the language in which to run the install program. If the file is renamed, the install program will automatically run in English.
  • After the E-Learning Offline Player is installed, return to the Course Details Tab, select the content to be downloaded and click the Download Selected Items button to download your content.
  • When your course has downloaded, find the E-Learning Offline Player icon on your desktop. Open that application to run your course locally.

Download Now
Note: Individual courses may have specific minimum requirements.
A Pentium II, 256 MB RAM with a processor speed greater than or equal to 400 MHZ
Adobe Flash 7.0 or higher (1MB disk space needed to install)
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
*Note: The browser version you're running must support 128-bit encryption or secured pages will not display correctly.