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Course 70152: Microsoft OneNote 2013 Essentials

Audience(s): Information Worker
Technology: Microsoft OneNote 2013
Language: English
Published: 09-Jul-2013
Completion Time: 1 Hour
Available Offline: No
The Microsoft OneNote 2013 Essentials course guides students through the process of creating a shared notebook to centralize notes, files, and records for a project. You will learn how to create a notebook and organize the notebook by using section groups, sections, and pages. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to personalize OneNote; create, share, and organize notebooks; and add notes from a variety of sources to a page.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Create a OneNote notebook
  • Working with Local Notebooks and Notebook Views
  • Organize a notebook
  • Create and Organize Sections and Pages
  • Prove: Create and organize Notebooks: Knowledge check
  • Populate a Notebook
  • Manage notebook content
  • Working with Note Containers and Tags
  • Locate Information in a Notebook
  • Share information from a Notebook
  • Share Notebooks
  • Opening and Protecting Shared Notebooks