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Course 70148: Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials

Audience(s): Information Worker
Technology: Microsoft Excel 2013
Language: English
Published: 06-Jun-2013
Completion Time: 3 Hours
Available Offline: No
The Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials course guides students through typical Excel use and shows them how to get the most out of Excel features to work effectively and efficiently with workbooks, worksheets, formats, numeric and text functions, and charts.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Creating, Managing, Navigating, and Formatting Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Worksheet and Workbook Customization and Views
  • Printing and Saving Workbooks
  • Inserting and formatting cells and ranges
  • Ordering and Grouping Cells and Ranges
  • Creating, Modifying, Filtering, and Sorting Tables
  • Working and Summarizing Data with Formulas and Functions
  • Using Conditional Logic
  • Formatting and Modifying Text with Functions
  • Creating and Formatting Charts
  • Inserting and Formatting Objects