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Collection 6420: Fundamentals of a Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure and Application Platform

This collection of ten 2-hour courses provides IT Professionals with an overview of network infrastructure and application platform in Windows Server 2008. This collection also provides IT Professionals with the knowledge and skills required to implement basic networking features and functionalities in Windows Server 2008.

Topics covered in the courses within the collection include:

  • Introduction to implementing TCP/IPv4 and IPv6
  • Creating IPv4 address spaces
  • Introduction to administering Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction to implementing security
  • Configuration of remote access and routing
  • Introduction to implementing network load balancing and virtualization
  • Implementation of printing

Student prerequisites

  • A+, Server+, hardware piece of Net+ familiar with Windows (client side)
  • Working knowledge of Windows Server 2003 environment
  • Working knowledge of networking technologies