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Collection 10349: Skills Training in Microsoft Access 2010

This four-hour online collection provides you with the skills and knowledge required to create, customize, use, and share Access 2010 databases.

Topics covered in this collection include:

  • Database Basics
  • Creating a Database
  • Defining a Primary Key
  • Creating Datasheet Relationships
  • Creating a Complex Query
  • Using Lookup Fields
  • Creating and Editing a Query in SQL View
  • Creating a Report
  • Creating Pivot Objects
  • Creating and Editing a Macro
  • Handling Errors in a Macro
  • Creating and Editing a Module
  • Packaging a Database
  • Sharing a Database

Student prerequisites:

Learners taking this course should already be familiar with Microsoft Office Access 2003, Microsoft Office Access 2007, or some other database application. Learners who are familiar with Access 2003 and unfamiliar with the ribbon must complete Course 4697: Introduction to the New Microsoft® Office Fluent™ User Interface.