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Collection 8919: Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Extender in Microsoft Dynamics GP is a third-party product designed to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP by allowing customers to capture user-defined information to meet specific business requirements. Use the product to create new windows or capture detailed notes without writing code. Resources can be associated with Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as other third-party products. This content gives first time users experience with the product. It does not include all functionality of the product; the most interesting and compelling features and associated concepts are included.
  • Discuss the features and benefits of using Extender.
  • Install and open Extender.
  • Set up security for Extender resources.
  • Define common terminology.
  • Describe field types and how they are used.
  • Create new resources.
  • Use templates and add fields to SmartLists.
  • Import and export Extender resources.
  • Describe automation features available in Extender.
  • Create Extender views.
  • Add Extender data to a Report Writer report.
  • Perform maintenance in Extender.
Partners who wish to extend their customization skills to using Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0. Including installation, creating new resources, importing, exporting, modifying reports, and performing maintenance.